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Forensic Audio Mastering is Perth’s only dedicated high-end analog mastering studio located 3 kilometres from Perth City in Western Australia. Our studio has been purpose built to provide a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere while delivering a premium listening environment, combined with no compromise analog and digital processing. This allows us to produce world-class results, so your recordings can reach their full potential and translate accurately to the sound systems of your audience.

Forensic Audio delivers high-end analog mastering at affordable prices, catering for independent artists through to major record labels. Our prices are based on a per-song rate and we are able to provide masters in most formats. This includes mastering for Digital, Online Streaming, CD, Vinyl and Apple Digital Masters. Please see our rates for more details.

Mastering Studio

We have equipped our studio with the best analog processing available today. This includes equipment from manufacturers such as Tyler Acoustics, Buzz Audio, Cranesong, Dave Hill Designs, Manley, API, Solid State Logic , Foote Control Systems, Pendulum, Thermionic Culture, Burl and Dangerous Music. These have been integrated into a digital recording platform utilising Pro Tools and Wavelab. Additional studio software is provided by Universal Audio, Waves, FabFilter, Sonnox, Softube and iZotope. Please refer to our equipment page for a detailed list of the analog and digital gear used in our studio.

Mastering Engineer

Forensic Audio is owned and operated by Mastering Engineer Simon Struthers who has more than 15 years experience in audio mastering and 25 years in the recording industry. Simon has worked on recordings by Something For Kate, Karnivool, Sly Withers, Paul Dempsey, Psychedelic Porn Crumpets, Make Them Suffer, Kav Temperley, Meg Mac, Eskimo Joe, ODESZA, Ryan Hemsworth, Voyager, The Decline, Young Franco, Sable, Snowman, Bob Evans, The Love Junkies, The Red Paintings, Civil Civic, Apricot Rail, Tangled Thoughts of Leaving, Umpire, The Kill Devil Hills, The Tucker B’s, The Leap Year and many more. You can listen to a range of mastered tracks on our Spotify Playlist.

Please contact us for further information or see our booking form to reserve a mastering session.

Information on forensic audio analysis, restoration and enhancement can be found on our Forensics page.

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