Audio Mastering Convertor HEDD

Forensic Audio is equipped with some of the best analog and digital processing available today. Please see below for a full equipment list:

  • Buzz Audio REQ2.2 – True Class A Resonance Mastering Equaliser

    Manley Massive Passive – Stereo Tube Equaliser

    API 5500 – Dual Equaliser

    API 2500 – Stereo Compressor

    Crane Song IBIS – Discrete Class A Stereo Equaliser with 6db Side Chain Modification

    Z-Systems ZQ-2 – Digital Dual Channel Mastering Equaliser

    Thermionic Culture Phoenix Mastering Compressor (Anniversary Edition)

    Pendulum Audio OCL2 – Optical Tube Compressor with Side Chain Filter

    Foote Control Systems P3S ME – Stereo Mastering Compressor

    Solid State Logic Multichannel Bus Compressor – Dual Stereo/5.1 Compressor

    Dave Hill Designs Titan – Compressor (Stereo Pair)

    Thermionic Culture Pullet – Passive Stereo Equaliser

    Thermionic Culture Vulture – Stereo Valve Ehnhancer

    Empirical Labs Derresser – Analog De-esser (Pair)

    Dangerous Music BAX EQ – Dual Baxandall Mastering Equaliser

    Dangerous Music Master – Mastering Console with Mid/Side Matrix

    Dangerous Music Liaison – Insert Switcher/Router with Parallel Processing

    A-Designs Pacifica – Stereo Preamplifier

  • Burl B2 Bomber AD Convertor

    Crane Song HEDD (Harmonically Enhanced Digital Device) – AD/DA Convertor

    Benchmark Media DAC-1 – Stereo DA Convertor (2 Units)

    Dangerous Audio DAC ST – Monitoring DA Convertor

    Digidesign HD192 I/O – Protools interface 8 channel AD/DA

  • Tyler Acoustics D1 Full Range Monitor Speakers

    Focal Twin 6 Be Studio Monitor Speakers with Sub 6

    Dynaudio BM12A Studio Monitor Speakers

    Auratone 5C Super Sound Cube – Limited Edition

    Dangerous Music Monitor ST – Stereo Monitor Control System

    Dual Hypex nCore Mono Block Power Amplifiers

    Emotiva XPA-2 – 2 Channel Audio Power Amplifier

    Emotiva Stealth DC-1 DA Convertor

  • Audiofile Engineering Wave Editor & Sample Manager

    Digidesign Pro Tools 12

    Steinberg Wavelab 9

    Plextools Professional XL – CD Quality Control

    Sonoris Mastering Equaliser & DDP Player (OEM)

    HOFA DDP Player Maker

    Waves Mercury Bundle & Studio Classics Collection

    FabFilter Pro Q2, Pro L, Pro C, Pro MB and Pro DS

    PSP Xenon Limiter & Neon HR Mastering Equaliser

    Flux Mastering Pack & Pure Analyzer System

    HEAT – Harmonically Enhanced Algorithm Technology

    Brainworx BX Control & Dynamic EQ

    Sonnox Oxford Elite Bundle & Fraunhofer Pro‑Codec

    Slate Digital FGX, Virtual Tape Machine & Virtual Console Collection

    Weiss Saracon – Sample Rate Conversion

    Soundtoys 5 – Ultimate Effects Bundle

    iZotope RX 4 – Complete Audio Restoration

Audio Metering