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Forensic Audio Mastering also undertakes forensic work for both law enforcement agencies and private clients. Mastering Engineer Simon Struthers is an experienced Forensic Scientist and has achieved a Graduate Diploma in Forensic Science (UWA), a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Chemistry (UWA) and a Certificate IV in Forensic Investigation (CIT). Simon has also worked as a Scene of Crime Officer for the New South Wales Police.

Forensic audio allows Simon to bring together his passion for audio engineering with his in-depth knowledge of forensic science. The Forensic Audio Mastering studio is equipped with state of the art hardware and software integrated into an accurate listening environment. This together with deep listening skills and detailed knowledge, allows us to achieve world-class results while maintaining the integrity and evidentiary value of the audio in question.

The most common application of forensic audio is the removal of background noise and the enhancement of audio so that the voices in a recording can be clearly heard, this is where forensic audio differs from audio mastering. While the objective of mastering is to make a recording sound the best it possibly can, forensic audio often focuses on the intelligibility of the audio. Forensic audio enhancement can be extremely challenging as most recordings are made in less than ideal circumstances, requiring each case to have a unique and tailored approach to achieve the best results possible.

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